Application for membership in a Graduate School of KATAJA

From 1.1.2013 KATAJA does not receive direct funding for graduate school positions. Each
university will have its own doctoral programme(s) and strategy for funding its doctoral

KATAJA will continue to provide doctoral courses, as it has done since the 80's. The
courses are financed partially (and decreasingly) by graduate school funds from the
Finnish Academy (2013-2015), and partially by trust funds and the member universities.

The KATAJA national graduate schools will continue after 2015 as  networks, aiding in the
choice and organisation of KATAJA courses, but also offering programmes of doctoral
courses in co-operation between universities. KATAJA will support these networks by
providing a web platform for information on university courses and other events that are
open to other business students.

Participating in KATAJA events does not require membership in a KATAJA graduate school.
However, it does require that you are a business doctoral student, registered at a
Finnish university. Others are admitted only when there is room in the course