Advanced Doctoral Course on Case Studies in Business and Management Research, November-December 2020

Time: 1 week (5 days) in November–December 2020

Place: Aalto University School of Business

Learning goal and objectives: To introduce diversity of ways of conducting case study research and to improve the research practice.

Instruction and examination:
Participation in and contribution to class discussion (20 %) 
Article analysis in groups (20 %)
Individual article analysis as a written essay (60 %)

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5 (1 = pass, 5 = excellent)

Prerequisites: PhD Student

Admittance: The selected students will be informed by email

Instructors: Professor Rebecca Piekkari, Associate Professor Catherine Welch

Course coordinator and contact information: N. N. (will be determined later)