The Successful Qualitative PhD.: A Research Training Workshop 20.05.2013-24.05.2013

Kurssikuvaus: The workshop is designed to enable students who have already started their qualitative research project to enrich their graduate study with additional knowledge and skills to complete a qualitative PhD study. In addition to emphasizing the practical and organisational aspects of producing a thorough qualitative PhD, attention will also be paid to current debates in qualitative research.
The structure of the course is re-designed not only to encourage students to locate their own research approach against a background of those debates, but also to support them in clearly articulating the rationale underlying their chosen approach by way of strengthening their ability robustly to defend their work.

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Muuta: Basic Reading:
Eriksson, Päivi and Kovalainen, Anne (2008) Qualitative Methods in Business Research London: Sage (required)
Silverman, David (2004) Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook.
London: Sage (second edition; third edition due November 2009)
Murphy, Elizabeth and Dingwall, Robert 2003 Qualitative Methods and Health Policy Research New York: Aldine de Gruyter (additional)

The application deadline for the course is 15.03.2013

Kurssin yhteyshenkilö: Ann-Mari Wright-Hyttinen

Yhteyshenkilön sähköpostiosoite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kurssin aikataulu: 20.05.2013-24.05.2013

Paikka: Aalto yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu

Kurssin laajuus opintopisteinä: 3

Kurssin tavoitteet: By the end of the course students will:
~ have read, understood and provided a coherent presentation of features of modern debates in qualitative research,
~ be able to give a more nuanced and clearer account of the location of their own research against the background of the current variety of qualitative research approaches
~ have improved their capacity to defend their methodological decisions and to deal with criticism
~ added to their practical experience of qualitative methods
~ expanded their ability to take appropriate charge of their own continued academic development

Kurssin suorittaminen: This intensive 5 day workshop consists of a balanced combination of activities, including:
~ master classes **
– plenary sessions at which three or four students make a ten minute presentation based on reading and a topic prescribed in advance by the Workshop Leader by way of leading a discussion that examines modern debates and key issues in qualitative research

~ student-led collaborative practical, qualitative research exercises ***
– working in small groups of 3-5 others, students will undertake practical work (details of which will be provided on the first day of the course) devoted to improving their skills in interviewing, naturalistic observation and the analysis of text

~ student plenary presentations**
– students will collaborate to present succinct, coherent reports of their collaborative practical work, developing their capacity to defend it against criticism in so doing.

~ lectures and mini-lectures given by the Workshop Leader**
– lectures on ‘Central features of qualitative research’, ‘Qualitative Interviewing’ and ‘Observation and participant observation’.
– mini-lectures devoted to providing solutions to frequent practical problems encountered by PhD students
– the PowerPoint slides used to support lectures will be made available to the students at the end of the course, thus freeing students to reflect on the content and listen actively.

A distinctive feature of this course which has been singled out as highly valued in their end-of-course evaluations by past students, is that each participant is assured of at least one individual, detailed discussion with the Workshop Leader on some aspect of their own research project of their choice **.

(**in English, ***in a language of students’ own choice).

Before the course begins, students will be required to undertake some prescribed reading as the basis for the brief talk they will present in one of the master classes. In addition, they will be invited to undertake some general preliminary reading and an easily completed exercise.

Integral to the course provision is an extended reading list that will be updated in the early spring of 2013 on qualitative research (provided with the advance information). This is supplemented, at the start of the course, by an information pack of additional supporting materials, including hand-outs on selected topics.

Kurssin arviointi: A compulsory component of the course is a short assessment. Students will write a concise two page report for submission on the penultimate day of the course which will be graded (using a sixfold classification: excellent,very good, good, satisfactory, fair) by the Workshop Leader and returned to students before the conclusion of the course. Full details of what is required will be provided on the first day of the course. Students are advised that they should expect to undertake private study and the preparation of this assessment in the evenings during the week of the course.

Kohderyhmä: Phd Students

Kurssin pääluennoitsijana toimii: Professor Anne Murcott