Quantitative Approaches to Business Research 20.05.2013-24.05.2013

Kurssikuvaus: This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to undertake high-quality quantitative research in broad areas of business, including International Business, Management, Marketing, and Strategy.

Pidempi kurssikuvaus: The classroom teaching will take place during May 2013. There will be about 24 hours, total, of lecture and workshop. The course will be held in Helsinki at Helsinki at Aalto University School of Economics. The focus of the course is on giving students strong capabilities in using and interpreting regression-type models, including ordinary least squares and logistic, Poisson/negative binomial regression, and other associative models. Emphasis is placed on robustness, though residual analysis and careful assessment of the match between sample data and the underlying assumptions of the various models. Exploratory factor analysis is also considered.

The course is hands-on and practical in nature, rather than theoretical. Extensive use will be made of statistical software (e.g. SPSS) in both lectures and workshop sessions.

Anne Quarshie is the course coordinator, please contact her for any questions regarding the course.

The course is now full.


Kurssin yhteyshenkilö: Prof. Elizabeth Rose

Yhteyshenkilön sähköpostiosoite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kurssin aikataulu: 20.05.2013-24.05.2013

Paikka: Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki/ Finland

Kurssin laajuus opintopisteinä: 6

Kurssin tavoitteet: To provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to undertake high-quality quantitative research in broad areas of business. In addition, students will gain the ability to interpret and evaluate quantitative research.

Kurssin suorittaminen: Preliminary program:
• Basics of description and inference
• Linear regression
o Model specification
o Model estimation
o Multicollinearity
o Residual analysis
o Prediction
• Exploratory factor analysis
• Logistic regression
• Other associative models (e.g., Poisson/negative binomial, accelerated failure time), with emphasis to be guided by participants’ research needs

•Field, Andy (2008). Discovering statistics using SPSS. Third edition. London: Sage.
•A collection of journal articles

Kurssin arviointi: The course requirements consist of the following:
•Critical, written evaluation of a quantitative article, selected by the student, published in a top-tier journal
•Development of an individual quantitative research paper, using data either of the student’s choosing or provided by the instructor
•Active participation in all class sessions.

Kohderyhmä: : The course is targeted at – but not limited to – doctoral students in International Business, Management, Marketing, Strategy, and other behaviour-oriented fields of study. The maximum class size is 25. Should applications exceed that limit, selection will be based on the relevance of the course to progress in the applicants’ thesis research.

Kurssin pääluennoitsijana toimii: Prof. Elizabeth Rose

Muut luennoitsijat: Possibility to foreign Professors on the course.