Service Infusion in Manufacturing 11.09.2013-17.10.2013

Kurssikuvaus: The purpose of this course is to review and discuss the field of service infusion in manufacturing.
-Perspectives on services, solutions and the service infusion phenonenon
-Service logic
-Service innovation, sales and delivery
-Organization and channel issues
-Resources and capabilities

NOTE! The course will be held in two parts;
Wednesday-Thursday 11-12 of September and Wednesday-Thursday 16-17 of October 2013.

Pidempi kurssikuvaus:

Muuta: More information about Christian Kowalkowski at his Hanken-web page

Kurssin yhteyshenkilö: Christian Kowalkowski

Yhteyshenkilön sähköpostiosoite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kurssin aikataulu: 11.09.2013-17.10.2013

Paikka: Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki

Kurssin laajuus opintopisteinä: 8

Kurssin tavoitteet: - Appraise service infusion research covering different empirical contexts, academic disciplines, and research methods
- Recognize and summarize different domains within research on the service infusion phenomenon
- Discriminate and compare different perspectives and viewpoints on service infusion
- Assess research methods and designs for service infusion research
- Show communication skills in various formats (written and oral) and for various purposes (e.g., informing, persuading, and justifying)

Kurssin suorittaminen: The course instructor (Christian Kowalkowski) will write a report after the course with own reflections about the outcome and content of the course, including self-assessment, preparations, course structure, course literature,student results, and a compilation of the PhD students' feedback.

Kurssin arviointi: In the estimation of the final grade, the grades for passing the course are: excellent, good, and satisfactory. The grades are based on an individual course paper, individual key learning analyses, and in-class contributions.

Kohderyhmä: PhD students in marketing, management and organizational studies

Kurssin pääluennoitsijana toimii: Christian Kowalkowski

Muut luennoitsijat: Daniel Kindström.